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Мои кроссовки путешествуют по Крыму

Как? Зачем?! Почему?! Нафига их отправлять в Симферополь? А в Ялту?! Я их жду в Днепре!

upd Открыл диспьют.


Did you receive your order? No
Do you want to return goods? No
Dispute Reason: Package sent to a wrong address
Dispute Order Total: US $ 19.80(US $ 19.80Product Price and US $ 0.00Shipping Fee)
Refund Request: US $ 19.80
Dispute Opened: Dec. 06 2013
Returning Goods: No
Requests Detail:
The seller sent me a tracking number after I requested cancel the order. By tracking the number I see the package came to another adress. Then I called to the post department on which the package came and find out this package is for another person. Another customer from another city (Chernovtsy) has also called on this post department and also asked about this tracking number. I think the seller is a fraud. He selled one item to different customers. I think you should stop all the payments to this seller.

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